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Breakfast at BoPeep, Evanston, Illinois I’m Cheryl, a former real estate professional that made her way from Southern California to Central Oregon. I am now a writer, cook, hiker, mountain biker, struggling golfer, backyard chicken owner, and yogi.

Why “Thyme is Now”?  It’s a play on words “The Time is Now”.  Although cliche, it succinctly describes an accumulation of several epiphanies that made me realize at 50 years of age that its time to start living an authentic life.  To stop waiting for my life to happen. To explore my passions, dreams, and find new adventures.

I was born a first generation Southern Californian and the youngest of five in a household where each day, we ate traditional, made-from-scratch meals influenced by my mother and father’s Midwestern roots. With older sisters helping with meal preparation, my early skills were limited to baking. I’d watch my mother and grandmother “put up” peaches and pickles, make jams and jellys, and spend entire weekends preparing cookies, candies, and fruitcakes for the holidays. Around Christmas 1965 I received a Suzy Homemaker Easy Bake Oven and my food passion was set in stone.

Suzy Homemaker Easy Bake Oven circa 1965. Courtesy EmericksEmporium, Etsy.

Suzy Homemaker Easy Bake Oven circa 1965. Courtesy EmericksEmporium, Etsy.

The culinary influences of my life have exceeded the confines of my SoCal/MidWestern childhood. My 21st birthday present was Craig Claiborne’s New York Times Cook Book, my first REAL cookbook and still a favorite in my library. Married for 25 years to a wine connoisseur, I learned about fine wine and food pairing. The marriage may have ended, but I’ve retained a pretty good palate. (He kept the wines, I got the LeCreuset.) A trip to Italy and France was life-changing. Simple and fresh ingredients, prepared simply, but exquisitely.

Poolside feast in Pienza

Poolside feast in Pienza


My food adventure continued when my second husband, Rob and I moved to Central Oregon in 2013, with a thriving locavore movement. Although the growing season is short, we have access to many farmers markets with local ingredients such as goat cheese, hazelnuts, raw honey, lavender, beef and pork, and our own fresh eggs from our chicken coop. In addition to our farmers and ranchers, there is a huge entrepreneurial spirit of food purveyors, tech, recreational industry, and our world famous craft breweries. I’m going to be very busy!

A Bounty from the Farmers Market

A Bounty from the Farmers Market

This blog began as a space to share my travel and food experiences, and exploring my authenticity.  And in that process, I’ve discovered that the connection of my family’s recipes is very personal to me and it has become a scrapbook to preserve anecdotes of my family and the joy that those recipes and their influences bring to me every day.

The contents of this blog, written & photographed are mine, unless noted otherwise. I solely reserve all copyrights to anything published on this website. I do not encourage reproduction of my recipes on your blog/website for this dilutes my content. However, you are welcome to link back if you like or want to highlight something. Ask for permission before using any content from this blog for your business/advertising use. Please do NOT reblog posts from this blog onto your site.

YogiFor questions or any other food related help, you can reach me at cwinefarrell@gmail.com

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook (don’t forget to hit the like button), Instagram and Pinterest.

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  1. Hi, Julie and Bill More here wishing you all the best in your new home! Hope to visit one day, but in the meantime, enjoy the beautiful country…

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